A Sculpture Retrospective


Robert Indiana (1928–2018) has created some of the world’s most immediately recognizable works of art.
Robert Indiana: A Sculpture Retrospective provided an in-depth exploration of the work of one of America’s best known but least understood artists. With his career-defining LOVE sculpture, Indiana created what is perhaps the most beloved public artwork of the twentieth century and one of the most iconic works in all of art history. Indiana’s works created prior to LOVE in the early 1960s were quickly embraced as classics of the burgeoning Pop art movement. However, his intensely autobiographical artwork consistently defied this narrow art historical categorization. Through varied combinations of universal but personally resonant symbols—letters, numbers, stars, circles, and wheels—the artist realized his vision across the decades and across a full range of media. In this landmark exhibition, Indiana’s sculptures, paintings, drawings, and prints are placed in dialogue with one another to reveal the breadth and consistency of a career spanning sixty years. 

The accompanying catalogue, published by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in association with Kerber Verlag, is edited by Albright-Knox Deputy Director Joe Lin-Hill, with contributions by Lin-Hill, Albright-Knox Chief Curator Emeritus Douglas Dreishpoon, Albright-Knox Curator of Public Art Aaron Ott, Robert Hobbs, and Simon Salama-Caro.
Robert Indiana: A Sculpture Retrospective is already the second book on Robert Indiana’s Art, I had the fantastic opportunity to design. Please also have a look to ROBERT INDIANA—New Perspectives.


The Typography

All texts are set in Le Jeune, designed by Greg Gazdowicz, Christian Schwartz and Paul Barnes.
The used font for Headlines and page numbers is a custom version of my FF Sizmo Pro, inspired by the stencils Indiana used for his artworks. This typeface was also applied to the exhibition design.
Quotes and parts of the captions are set in the standart FF Sizmo Pro.


Installation shots

I had the fantastic privilege to also being art directing the installation shots of the exhibition. They all got photographed by the incredible Tom Powel.


My regards go to Emeline, Marc and Simon Salama-Caro for sharing all their knowlege and love for Robert Indiana’s work with me.
Special thanks and love to Pam Hadley and her pubs team from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, who are just a delight to work together.
A big THANK YOU goes to Joe Lin-Hill, who fully trusted in my vision of the design for this catalogue.
Many thanks to Polina Bazir, Jens Bartneck, Claudia Voigtländer and Birte Kreft from the great team of Kerber Verlag.

Kerber Verlag
March 2019
ISBN 978–3 7356–0441 5

24,50 × 30,50 cm
240 Pages
180 colored and 30 b/w illustrations
Hardcover, bound
Language: English