Experiments in Light and Movement
Experimente in Licht und Bewegung

Museum Edition


The correspondent exhibition by LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur transcends borders. It intentionally focuses on artists who, after the Bauhaus was closed in 1933, emigrated to America to carry forward their ideas there. Starting with the Bauhaus stage as an interdisciplinary laboratory for experiments in light and movement, the diverse controversies in this field are examined for the first time. Ranging from light and kinetic art to experimental film and dance and performance art, this epochspanning exhibition shows the far-reaching influence of these interactions. The exhibition provides an insight into the experimental work of more than 50 artists.

Please note that the Kerber Verlag’s editions are provided with a different cover design.

100 Years of the Bauhaus: On the occasion of the anniversary, the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur in Münster is presenting the exhibition Bauhaus and America. Starting from the significance of the Bauhaus and, in particular, the Bauhaus stage as an interdisciplinary laboratory for experiments with light and movement, the diverse artistic examinations of light and movement—from light and kinetic art, to experimental film, to dance and performance art—by former Bauhaus members and Americans are addressed for the first time. The accompanying publication documents these fascinating examinations and provides in-depth insight into art life in America as influenced by the Bauhaus after 1945.


The Typography (Museum Edition)

For the logotype bauhaus Verena Gerlach developed her very own interpretation of Josef Albers’ (widely featuted throughout the exhibition and the catalogue) Kombinationsschrift (“combination typeface”). For this stencil inspired logotype, only the shapes of the “s” got change to a more international, contemporary look.
The word AMERICA/AMERIKA is an adaptation of Christian Schwartz’ Giorgio. The different heights of the single letters, set in capitals, are illustrating the skyline of an US metropolis.


Throughout the book, all texts are set in Graphik by Commercial Type.
The running titles are used as chapter/essay/author marks, as well as captions.


My regards go to the great curators Kristin Bartels and Tanja Pirsig-Marshall (LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur).
A big THANK YOU to Ilka Backmeister-Collacott, and to Kristoph Kerber, Jens Bartneck and Polina Bazir (Kerber Verlag).

Kerber Verlag
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, Westfälisches Landesmuseum, Münster
Text by
Hermann Arnhold, Kristin Bartels, Torsten Blume, Ulrike Gärtner, Andreas Hapkemeyer, Julie Jones, Gail Kirkpatrick, Márton Orosz, Tanja Pirsig-Marshall, Jeanette Redensek, Eline van Dijk, Peter Weibel

November 2018

ISBN 978–3 7356–0511 5

24,00 × 30,00 cm
272 Pages
185 colored and 124 b/w illustrations
Languages: English and German (each edition)