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© Andrea Tinnes / Verena Gerlach

Light, Regular, Regular Itralic, Medium, Bold,
Variants: Open, Decender, Slanted, Alternate, Unicase, Tall
Ordinals, Swashes, Ligatures, ... + Experts, LF, OSF

The Viceroy custom typeface was commissioned by ReVerb / Los Angeles for Viceroy Hotel to replace Optima as the new house font. Viceroy is a contemporary elegant Sans Serif face with a high contrast between thick and thin strokes. The typeface is a unique synthesis of a geometric and humanist sans serif face, complementing the existing Viceroy logotype. The letterforms are balanced and the typeface has an even rhythm resulting in a contemporary visual language.

ReVerb is a brand strategy firm that integrates cultural intelligence with marketing intelligence for consumercentric communication planning and product innovation.

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