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This beautiful wee book provides the documentation and background information of an installation by the great Danish artist Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen.
In collaboration with the artist, I also designed and supervised the neon letterings that are displayed on this amazing Velkommen installation at the Vestre Fængsel (prison) in Copenhagen.
“The work Welcome in Vestre Fængsel addresses this question by means of an architectural installation based on conversations with inmates. The result is a work that combines minimal statements in neon signs and light interventions at the entrance and exit of the prison. Outside, a simple sign says ”Welcome”, in the hallway a sign says ”Good you’re coming” and ”Miss you” – and at the exit: ”Good you came, thank you”. Additionally, four cracks of light highlights the visitor’s entrance as an independent structure, breaking through the walls of the prison.”

Abril Text

Velkommen, 2016

I’m very thankful to have been involved into this very intense project, and my regards go to the fant­astic Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen.

105 x 130 mm (portrait), 164 pages

ISBN 978-87-93154-16-2