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This is the first publication to provide insight into the broad spectrum of work by artist Thilo Heinzmann (*1969). Heinzmann works primarily in the field of painting, taking its classic concern, the production of expressive pictures, and making it his own. He makes use of a series of techniques he developed himself and materials such as unbound pigment, absorbent cotton, Styrofoam, fur, or porcelain, which expand the scope of painterly techniques. Heinzmann’s genuine contribution to contemporary art is that he has used these media to achieve painterly qualities such as composition, color, and texture within the continuity of the history of the medium while at the same time opening new doors.

The book is meant to be seen as an artwork itself. The harmony of typography, proportion, material, shape, and weight, together with the artworks are combined to a very detailed but although pure object.


The cover
Each cover is different and unique, as Thilo Heinzmann signed each one individually (in four different colors to choose from).
The very angled binding creates a perfect book block.

The typefaces
I used beautiful and classic Odile by Sibylle Hagmann throughout the whole book.

The page numbers
Since the page numbers also functioning as illustration numbers, they are positioned just aligned to the images. This means, that all the page numbers are jumping.
Only visible for the typographic eye, there are three different sizes of page numbers, depending of their use and their position on the spreads.


It was the pure delight working with Thilo Heinzmann.

Special thanks to Sandra-Jo Huber, Julika Zimmermann, Charlotte Neugebauer, and Katja Jaeger from the wonderful Hatje Cantz Berlin team, and to Jan Scheffler from prints professional.

Hatje Cantz, 2012
220 pp., 101 color ills.
24.50 x 31.00 cm
clothbound with PVC foil dust jacket

ISBN 978-3-7757-3428-8

This book features high-quality reproductions that convey the characteristic materiality of his works. It is just incredible to see all the details of the paintings.