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Warsaw, April 24–26, 2017
typographic poster design workshop

Women's Rights are Human Rights was a one week event focused on issues related to people all around the world — human rights and especially women's rights.
Based on religious beliefs, politics or traditions, women's rights differ radically and it's worth talking about thereby making women aware that we are not supposed to agree with the existing situation.
The symposium was hosted at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.


Living in the Western world, the society aggreed that by law, that all humens, no matter what gender and race will have to be treated equaly. But how does it come, that we still, frequently have to fight for this basic human right. Obviously, there still is a big difference between the official papers and the real live.
Even though people know, that in most of the Western countries the salary of women is 20-30% less than from the men, there are a lot of them denying the fact of inequality. The same counts for career chances or just the fact that for women will still be judged negatively if they are not »fulfilling« their (by society) expected duties, while the men are enjoying quite some freedom in this concern.

The younger generations (always) seem to feel immune against all kind of gender inequality. They are still in the protected environment of educational (creative) institutions where for example the relation of females towards males mostly is higher, than in other fields.

But what happens if you take a little closer look? How many of the females will remain in their creative jobs, taking even leading positions?
Where is the freedom when you are leaving your comfort zone? Why do females still (for reason) avoid using short cuts through most parks at night? What about dress codes and judgements? Expectations?

At the beginning of this design workshop, the group was discussing very enthusiastic their own experiences. Their upbringing, and the power of family structures. How to get out of this patterns without hurting anyone (females are trained to always care about the emotions of the others at first)?
Being from former West Germany, I made different experiences for example about »working moms« (I am not one myself) than the Polish participants. In Germany, society makes it very difficult to take a career while having a family. Due to the communist past, in Poland it is the opposite: It is expected to be hard working while also caring for a family (included the husband) after work.

It was very interesting to see, how the (mostly female) group started to (in between the lines) blame the women themselves for their repressed position. When getting pointed out this pattern/behaviour, they mostly felt embarrassed and started to develop their very personal, almost intimate, own opinions and thoughts. This turning point was the actual starting point for the development of really creative and though through ideas. The results are strong and straight to the point posters. Not loud, but clearly explaining the still existing inequality in the smaller scale of life.

I am very proud of the participants having been this open and brave about their thoughts, emotions, and creativity.