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The typeface formerly known as “Vielzweck” and “Tephe”

Drawn by Verena Gerlach, the FF Sizmo™ suite of typefaces is two distinctive designs. Gerlach first made the “line” versions of FF Sizmo, inspired by a charming, unique—former GDR style—signage system. The other design is a reduced, industrial strength, condensed, sans serif suite of designs—without the horizontally connecting baseline stroke.

FF Sizmo Pro
The five weights of the basic FF Sizmo typefaces are ideal for both print and digital uses. Print projects from branding to way-finding fall easily into the typefaces’ range of applications.
Generous character spacing, open counters and wide apertures also make the typefaces a natural for web and gaming design. Banners, navigational links, sub heads, short blocks of contextual copy—even longer reading texts—are just some of the on-screen uses for FF Sizmo.


FF Sizmo Line
The “line” versions of FF Sizmo, can stand on their own—or be combined with the basic design—to create powerful, eye-catching statements in headlines, subheads, posters and cover art.


Language and Alternate Character Support
Both variations of FF Sizmo are available as OpenType® fonts that include large character complements enabling the setting of most Western European and many Eastern European languages. In addition, the OpenType fonts automatically insert the beginning, middle or ending baseline element characters of FF Sizmo Line.


FF Sizmo family is versatile, powerful and distinctive suite of designs—with a great backstory—that’s guaranteed not to gather dust on your hard drive.