Photo: Daniel Rodríguez

1998, Verena Gerlach founded her studio for graphic design, typedesign and typography in Berlin. Since 2006, she has been working as a freelance book designer for art book publishers alike Hatje Cantz and Kerber Verlag. She started lecturing in type design, and typography in 2003, and she now gives lectures and workshops all over the globe.
Beside designing corporate fonts for global companies, she also is working on the typographic production for international, contemporary artists.

In 2013, Verena published her book »Karbid—From Let­ter­ing to Type Design«.

2014, she took part of an artist and residency program by Goethe Institute Bangalore on lettering and the textile industryin India. The result is an embroidery project in collaboration with a group of underprivileged, young women from the city of Ramanagaram.
Modern live in a society, still dominated by men and contemptuous of women is one of the main topics for Verena’s artistic, and politcal works.

2017—FontShop Interview on type design

A Selection of Lectures, Juries, Workshops and Exhibitions

2018 TYPO WEEK,Typedesign Workshop, Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies, Warsaw, Poland
The Inner Game of Design, p98a, Talk on Book Design, Berlin, Germany
EDCH, The Idea Conference, Talk on Book Design, Munich, Germany
21st Annual TDC, Typeface Design Competition, Jury, New York, USA
2017 ULTRAFETT – Typografie Festival – FH Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany
Alien Summer Camp /
Amorphous / Workshop, Athens/Eleusis, Greece
Women’s Rights are Human Rights / Sypopsium / Workshop – Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies, Warsaw, Poland
2016 ATypI Warsaw 2016, Typedesign Workshop, Warsaw, Poland
projektantki: meetup #3, Lecture on Type Design, Warsaw, Poland
2015 BITS MMXV, Lecture on Type Design, Bangkok, Thailand
Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs, Jury, Vienna, Austria
2014 November – School Of Form, Poznan, Poland
Szymborska Type Design Competition, Jury, Krakow, Poland
Letters along the Road, AIGA Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA
CHAMKI REMIX — EXHIBITION CUM SALE, Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Bangaluru, India
Tag des Buchs, Goethe Institut Bangaluru, India
Karbid—From Lettering to Typedesign, Jaaga, Bangaluru, India
2013 Bokstäver från Berlin, Typografisk fredag 6/12, Stockholm, Sweden
Typographic research in the city scape of Katowice—discovering the core of a multi dimensional layer cake, MiastoLab, Katowice Poland
Ala has a pen—a remixed type workshop in Katowice
AtypI 2013, Amsterdam, Nl
Tipo Brda 2013, Summer typeface design workshop, Slovenia
TypoClub der Hochschule der Künste Bern, Bern, Swizerland
katYPo: Typograficzny research Katowic, Medialab, Katowice, Poland
2012 October – SVA, New York, USA
TypograVieh lebt, Weimar, Germany
2 edycja – Ala ma pióro / 2nd Edition – Ala has a pen, Akademia Sztuk Pi?knych w Katowicach, Katowice, Poland
2011 tdc (type directors club) New York, USA
logo workshop at Jordan University, Amman/Goethe-Institut Amman (Amman, Jordan)
aed, Schrift – Bild – Kunst: Graphic Art, Stuttgart, Germany
2010 tgm (Typografische Gesellschaft München, Germany
typo week, bau, Barcelona, Spain
A4 Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Poster workshop/Goethe-Institut Amman (Amman, Jordan)
Lecture »20 Jahre Mauerfall«/ Goethe-Institut Algier (Algiers, Algeria)
Lecture/Warsaw under Construction (Warsaw, Poland)
Lecture + workshop / MCAD (Minneapolis, USA)
Jury »Erstwerk«/Institut für Buchgestaltung Bielefeld
Poster workshop/Ecole des Beaux-Arts Alger/Goethe-Institut Algier (Algiers, Algeria)
2008  Burg Giebichenstein, Halle • January 22
FHTW Berlin »Einsichten«
2007 Education in Design (Katowice, Poland)
HAMM Forum Typografie
Jury meeting: 8th International Biennal of Students‘ Graphic Design agrafa 2007 (Katowice, Poland)
THE RAINBOW ILLUSTRATION BRIDGE, The Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn (Poland) •
DGH TYPO Conference (Copenhagen) www.dgh.dk
höhere technische Lehranstalt, (Salzburg)
bfi (Salzburg)
2006 Typografisk Fredag, A4 (Stockholm)
tga (Vienna)
The Castle of Art and Enterprise in Cieszyn (Poland)
Prosign (Frankfurt)
AtypI (Lisbon)
Münzclub (Berlin)
33pt (Dortmund)
2005 Prosign (Frankfurt)
TEMPORARY TYPE - St Bride conference (London)
2002 Postscript (Vienna)
2001 Typo Berlin 2001