Reg­u­lar, Reg­u­lar Oblique, Medium, Medium Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique

+ Altern­ates, Experts, LF, TF, OSF, TOSF

PTL Vielzweck is a mod­ern Sans Serif typeface fol­low­ing Ger­man design tra­di­tions. This little type fam­ily provides three basic weights for pure graphic design uses. In the altern­ate ver­sion, the spe­cial char­ac­ters have their accents attached dir­ectly to the base forms. The coun­ters of PTL Vielzweck show soft roun­ded corners, while the outer angles appear sharp.

The trans­la­tion for the Ger­man word »Vielzweck« is »multi-purpose«.

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PTL Vielzweck in use.