Part 2: The offical logo for the 50th aniversary of the Goethe-Institut Jordanien
After the warming up in part 1, the students were ready for the competition to design a logo for a real client: the offical logo for the 50th aniversary of the Goethe-Institut Jordanien. The winning logo will be used for all the PR material for the celebrations.

Please enjoy the amazing results of these intensive (just) four days.

The winner:

A big up for Rana Muallem, designer of the winning Jordan-Prezel!

Rana also designed this lovely little character, who will be the official mascot. Please notice his blond hair!

Rewards 2-5:

Rania Gharaibeh

Razan Alsheikh

Saja Muzaini

I also love these logos:

Batoo Eid
Hamza Aqel
Jumanah Abo Shokor

Ahmad Wardeh

< The happy winners (in the middle), teachers and Frau Dr. Krämer Hus-Hus | the happy group >

Impressions from the campus

Part 1: Personal logo for facebook account
Voilà , some impressions of the (2x) two days logo design workshop, I hold this February/March at the Jordan University, Amman. The workshop was again initiated by the Goethe-Institut Jordanien.

The assignment was to design a logo/icon that represents the student’s personalites to their target group (friends) via facebook. As a starting point the students had to reflect on their likes, dislikes, dreams, hobbies, favourite colours, music, animals, personality,… and present this in a scrapposter.

Here are some examples of the amazing personal results.

Ahmad Wardeh

Batool Eid
Faris Baiuoun

Hamza Aqel

Jumanah Abo Shokor

Mirna Abu Aita
Rana Muallem
Rania Gharaibeh

Saja Muzaini

My warmest reagards go to Dr. Christiane Krämer-Hus-Hus (Goethe Institut Jordanien) and Saba Kawas (designteacher & multitasker & friend, Jordan University, Amman). Thanks so much to my lovely and highly motivated group.

Some more impressions from the whole Jordan/Syria trip >>>



Finally I can post some impresssions from the poster workshop I gave in December 2009 at the Jordan University, Amman. The workshop was organized by the Goethe Institut Amman and took place in the printing studio of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

My regards go to Saba Kawas, the design tutor of the class I was teaching, Christiane Krämer-Hus-Hus and Anne Eberhard from the Goethe Institut Amman, and of course to all the students.

Due through the limited time (only 2,5 days), the students developed their ideas and designed the posters only with analogue tools and a Xerox machine.

The workshop was again to accompany the travelling exhibition on the German graphic designer, type creator and first professor of advertising Lucian Bernhard.



From April 15-17, 2009 I had the opportunaty of spending a few days in the North African metropolis of Algiers. I was invited by the Goethe Institute there to give a short talk at the opening of an exhibition on the German graphic designer, type creator and first professor of advertising Lucian Bernhard.

The exhibition, which is taking place at the Musée national d’art moderne et contemporain d’Alger (MAMA), was organized by the ifa and the Goethe Institute and presents most of Bernhard’s important posters and commercial works.

I ran a two-day poster workshop at the École des Beaux Arts d’Alger to accompany the exhibition.
The building itself is just amazing: all of the studios look out onto the city and the sea!

The group was a balanced blend of first- to third-year students from the different creative departments. Our goal was to design a poster announcing a concert by the German-Moroccan-Algerian band DIWAN in Algiers in late May.

Depending on their different backgrounds, the students could opt to work completely analog or on computers.

I supplied them with several of my fonts in order to also maintain the idea of learning from me as a designer with specific design principles.

And so the students had to combine
1. Mr. Bernhard’s ideas,
2. my fonts and approaches to the medium “poster,“ and
3. the music by DIWAN.

After only two days, we were all very happy with the results. And it was really refreshing to see how differently the students dealt with the task at hand: while some approached it in a very traditional or more contemporary way, others chose an approach situated somewhere between traditional and modern.

The winning poster

Thanks so much to all the students, the staff, and of course Alix Landgrebe from the Goethe Institute, who made all of this possible in the first place.



In September 2008, I conducted a five-day poster workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Katowice (Poland).

In teams of two to three, Polish and German students designed these large silkscreen posters for the city of Katowice. We spent two days doing research and developing concepts, and three days actually designing and printing the posters.

The workshop was accompanied by several lectures on silkscreen printing, poster design, and the history of Katowice. The lay-out sketches were for the most part produced without the aid of a computer.

Find out more on flickr.com.

Many thanks to Anna Machwic, Ewa Satalecka, Justyna Lauer, and the students from the ASP Katowice for their overwhelming hospitality.