Ori­ginal, Ori­ginal Round Reg­u­lar, Medium, Bold + Experts, TF, LF

To keep the remem­brence of Berlin’s two street­sign sys­tems Ole Schäfer and I star­ted the City Street Types pro­ject. We digit­ized the two dis­tinctly dif­fer­ent alpha­bets and designed a small fam­ily of text fonts based on these letterforms.

Around 1950, new signs with a more indus­trial look were inven­ted in East-Berlin. The sign itself was made of plastic: a sand­wich with a white shell and a black core. The let­ters were drilled in by a millcut: a typ­ical engineer’s con­struc­ted alpha­bet along the lines of DIN Eng­schrift. There are two ver­sions of the ori­ginal typeface: In one, only one head for the millcut was used, the other one was done with two heads beside each other. The res­ult are two kind of ends of the let­ters. One round, the other one straight.

FF Citys­treet Types in use …

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