Get­ting closer to the Frank­furt Book Fair this autumn, the first of some books I designed this year got published:

Angelika Platen | Artists

| The artists’ pho­to­grapher: por­traits and stances

Over a period of forty-five years, Angelika Platen has pho­to­graphed more than five hun­dred artists in their stu­dios and gal­ler­ies, at bien­ni­als and dur­ing hap­pen­ings. Her cam­era moves toward the artists, and her black-and-white pho­to­graphs are etched in our memory. Forty years ago, Joseph Beuys let­ting him­self be inspired by Rodin, Wal­ter de Maria lying down on an air­port depar­ture cor­ridor, Sig­mar Polke cut­ting a caper, Gün­ther Uecker sit­ting in a forest of nails, and Hanne Dar­boven, beau­ti­ful and young, pos­ing in front of her “writ­ing time“ wall. Forty years later, Dar­boven marked by time, Jonathan Meese spin­ning the big wheel, Julian Rose­feldt meet­ing Pet­rus Chris­tus, and Sylvie Fleury and Sophie Calle wear­ing mys­ter­i­ous smiles. In nar­rat­ive texts and essays, this book presents the dif­fer­ent stages of the artist’s pre­cise approach and com­pas­sion­ate dialogue.

Prin­ted endpapers!

Believe it or not, but I did choose Hel­vetica (Neue) as one of the two typaces for this book. The shapes of the Ultra Light (head­lines) are match­ing the spirit of the late six­ties just perfectly.

Set in Hel­vetica Ultra Light and Light (body text) in com­bin­a­tion with Sauna (by Under­ware) the book gets a quite con­tem­por­ary and joy­ful char­ac­ter and sup­ports Angelika Platen’s great pho­to­graphs in the best way.

The lay­out is very simple and clear. There are only two text sizes: Big head­lines and a not too small body­text (11 pt), the same size like cap­tions, pagina and index.

Angelika Platen herself

Sig­mar Polke R.I.P.

The work with Angelika Platen and Gün­ther Engel­hard was the pure pleas­ure. All my best regards go to both of them.

Thanks a lot to Birte Kreft (editor) and the great team of Hatje Cantz, who made this beau­ti­ful pro­ject possible.

Angelika Platen | Artists
Texts by Günter Engel­hard, Thomas Hettche, Heinz Peter Schwer­fel, Christina Weiss

Ger­man, Eng­lish
2010. 240 pp., 230 ills.
24,00 x 30,50 cm
ISBN 978–3-7757–2653-5

Hatje Cantz