It’s not only about books: Voilà a short selection of some corporate designs/logotypes, I designed over the last two years. >>>



On may 9th, I was invited to be one of the speakers at 21. Typotage Leipzig 2015.
A review on Slanted >>>


An uptate on some juries, I recently was part of:
XI International Biennial of Students Graphic Design AGRAFA 2015, Katowice, Poland, February 2015
»Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs«, Vienna, Austria, January 2015
»Szymborska Type Design Competition«, Krakow, Poland, November 2014



Just look at this masterpiece!

_H _H_H_H_H_H_H_H _H_H_H_H_H_H_H _H_H_H_H_H_H_

»Amongst my favourite books about typography and lettering I have read lately, Karbid, Berlin – From lettering to type design stands out as one where I possibly have learned the most new things. I am thankful for the authors to have taken me on this fascinating journey in a lesser-known area of letter art.«
A wonderful, very enthusiastic book review by Yves Peters for Fontshop.

k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k K k


Starting with the catalogue (two issues: english and german), I also designed all the print works, that accompany this wonderful exhibition at Architekturmuseum der Technischen Universität München (Pinakothek der Moderne). >>>



This spring, I had the great opportunity to spend more than two months in Bangalore, India. I got invited by the Goethe-Institut, Max Mueller Bavan, who is running an excellent residency programme for artists: The bangaloResidency.
Generous hosted by the startup and co working space Jaaga, I could work completely independently on the most stunning project, in the most stunning technique, I could ever imagine: embroidery. >>>

• • – – : — ÷ — { • } — ÷ — : – – • •


Great Meadows is one of the most extraordinary book projects, I could ever work on. It is a Jewel with different high-quality papers and fold-out plates, enhanced by stamping and one of the most beautiful contemporary typefaces. >>>



One of the three books, that were published just before I left to India is the very beautiful and pure Morphic Fields, the debut publication by the British artist Anthony James. >>>



Before I will find the time to prepare a big and colourful personal review of my time in India, Voilà , some articles, that the generous Indian press wrote about my stay:

The Art of Signage and the Craft of Embroidery, Transcultural Design India, 10.6.2014
About the words’ worth, Deccan Herald, 4.6.2014
A German designer works with Ramanagaram silk artists, The Times Of India, 1.6.2014
The letter on the wall, The Hindu, 29.5.2014
I’ve met wonderful people here, Deccan Herald, 28.4.2014

} — ÷ — : – · – : — ÷ — {


Please note, that the studio will be closed from April 1st until June 10th. >>>

–:—÷— { • } —÷—:–


I finally updated the list of interviews, reviews, and publications. >>>



Please welcome my long expected documentary of a project I worked on more than 20 years:
KARBID, BERLIN — de la lettre peinte au caractère typographique | From Lettering to Type Design | Von Schriftmalerei zu Schriftgestaltung. >>>



A Square but not square: The opulent but also puristic monograph »Memory and Invention« for the Spanish architectural office Nieto Sobejano. >>>



On thursday 10th October, 9am, I will present the Ala has a pen workshop at AtypI Amsterdam 13.



Please check out some impressions from one week of pure fun and intense working with type interested veterans and novices at Tipo Brda Summer Typedesign Workshop. >>>



Black on black and rock’n roll. Please enjoy this first monograph on the work of the Chinese artist Li Hui. >>>



German Russian friendship: Voilà , the two editions of Vadim Zakharov’s »Danaë«, the catalogue accompanying the Russian contribution to the Venice Biennale 2013. >>>



April 25, 18.00, I will give a lecture at Typoclub, Bern, Switzerland. Everybody is welcome: free admission.



One more treasure: The book »REIULF RAMSTAD ARCHITECTS – Selected Works« can be described as 288 pages of pure beauty, created by the perfect collaboration between landscape and architecture. >>>



On friday the 14th of December, the opening of the Ala has a pen final exhibition will take place at ASP Katowice ul. Koszarowa 19.
The exhibition is accompanied by the promotion of fajrant book containing the workshop teachers’ lectures and the typefaces designed by the pariticipants. Please come over and join us.



There is a nice feature of FF Karbid Pro Slab in the new Slanted #20 (p. 54).



The new »Ehrenpreis für gute Gestaltung« website completely in FF Karbid Pro!



This is the second jewel of this autumn’s harvest: the beautiful monograph for artist Thilo Heinzmann. >>>



Cloudline is the most spectacular book, I have ever designed in my career. It’s a pure jewel. Please have a look. >>>

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o


Pics from the september session of the type design workshop »2 edycja – Ala ma pióro« (»Ala has a pen«) in Katowice, organized by the Akademia Sztuk Pi?knych w Katowicach.



The great results of my two experimental creation classes from the htw Berlin 2011/12. >>>



Please welcome the great results of my poster class, the students were working hard on, for the last semester at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (btk). >>>

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I’m very happy that I had the opportunity, to work on this beautiful book in a direct »exchange of ideas«, together with the artist Bettina Khano. Have a look >>>



We won! Trust in Taste, the cookbook for blind and sighted people, received the Paperazzo HAPTIK AWARD 2012.



Just out of press: Jasper Johns / In Press, The Crosshatch Works and the Logic of Print
Catalogue to the exhibition at Harvard Art Museums / Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Cambridge, USA, 22.5 – 18.8.2012. >>>



Save the date: On the 2nd of June 2012, I will give a presentation on the type conference TypograVieh lebt in Weimar.



Please check out the great progress of the type design students in Katowice, who are taking part of the type design workshop »2 edycja – Ala ma pióro«, organized by the Akademia Sztuk Pi?knych w Katowicach. Pictures: 1 | 2



A big THANK YOU to for their great interview, they had with me on »Trust In Taste«, the first cookbook for blind and sighted amateur chefs. >>>

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Glamourous concrete: Cover design for »Architecture In India Since 1990«. >>>



In spring 2011, I designed the corporate identity for the »DWIH Moskau« (Deutsches Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus – German Houses of Science and Innovation). >>>



Small and pretty. Please welcome »Skulpturales Handeln / Sculptural Acts«, the last book I designed in 2011. >>>



I’m very happy, that I had the great opportunity to work on a book about the american painter Robert Indiana, who is my absolute hero. His statements, the use of colors, type, and graphic shapes, and how he plays with space, fore- and background is just amazing. >>>



There are two new articles about my work on FF Karbid Pro:
Font Shop Blog (German)
I Love Typography (English)

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>Fresh from the press: The book »Moderators of Change« on architecture that helps. Have a look >>>


10|15|2011 Trust In Taste

I’m very honored to have been involved into the creation of the first cookbook for blind and sighted amateur chefs. >>>


10|14|2011 Friedrich Seidenstücker

This year’s Frankfurt bookfair yield includes the beautiful catalogue »Friedrich Seidenstücker | Of Hippos And Other Humans« for the correspondent exhibition by the Berlinische Galerie, Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst, Fotografie und Architektur >>>


10|07|2011 FF Karbid Pro

Finally: Voilà , the brand new FF Karbid Pro family, with Basic, Slab, Text and Display fonts, Italics, features, etc. >>>

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

10|06|2011 Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller | The Murder of Crows

Autumn means harvest: Please welcome the first of five printed books I designed over this summer. >>>

° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

07|18|2011 Wolfgang Pehnt

Just printed: 320 very classical pages about the exciting history of architecture >>>



Taking part on this type/illustration project, curated by Sonja and Rob Keller, I was very lucky, that Emilia Forstreuter was chosen to illustrate my FF Karbid Slab Light Italic (2011) »Z«. The new dress of the letter looks just great. A big up for Emilia!



I will give a presentation about my PARADOX ALG(I)ER(S) project a the TDC New York on Thursday, May 26, 6 to 8 p.m.

| i | i i i i | | | | | | | l l l l l i i i | | | | | | | i | i i i i | | | | | | | l l l l l i i i | | | | | |


Back from my type design workshop (10–12nd May) at the medieteknik, Södertörns högskola (SH), Stockholm

– – – – – Å å é É ö Ö ä Ä – – – – –


Amman, part 2: The offical logo for the 50th aniversary of the Goethe-Institut Jordanien >>>



Voilà , some impressions of the (2x) two days logo design workshop, I hold this February/March at the Jordan University, Amman. The workshop was again initiated by the Goethe Institut Jordanien. >>>



Some pictures I took sideways of my incredible trip to Jordan and Syria this March. My regards go to all the great people I met on my way between Amman, Petra and Damascus.Chokrane. >>>



February 26.+27. and March 05.+06.2011 I will hold two logo design workshops at the University of Jordan/College of Arts and Design in Amman.



You can find a quite long interview with me and a great feature of my work in the current Slanted #12.


11|12|2010 Soma. Dokumente/Documents

“We have drunk Soma and become immortal; we have attained the light, the Gods discovered.“
The official catalogue for the exhibition by Carsten Höller >>>


11|01|2010 Typo PAGE

For the special issue on typography by the PAGE magazine, I was ask to give a statement on good and bad typography.
See typoPAGE 01.2010, pp. 020


10|11|2010 Sam Shaw

Please wellcome: Sam Shaw, the most glamorous book I had designed this year. >>>

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

09|23|2010 Algiers in Dublin

All about the »info« posters I designed especially for this show, and photographs from the opening of PARADOX ALG(I)ER(S) in Dublin >>>


09|23|2010 Raimund Abraham

The third book I designed this year is »Raimund Abraham« for the Austrian Cultural Forum New York >>>

• w • w • w • w • w • w • w • w • w • w • w • w •

09|03|2010 PARADOX ALG(I)ER(S)
A typographic exploration
Poster exhibition in Dublin in collaboration with AtypI 2010.
The Factory Space, 100 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Co. Dublin City, Ireland


09|02|2010 Angelika Platen

Getting closer to the Frankfurt Book Fair this autumn, the first of some books I designed this year got published: Angelika Platen | Artists >>>


06|12|2010 FF Chambers Sans becomes Webfont

The design and brand agency edenspiekermann chose FF Chambers Sans for the development of the new brand Sentres. For the corporate identity, especially seen online, FF Chambers Sans was converted into the new Web Open Font Format (WOFF). You can find a report on the project and the typeface in the German design magazine PAGE 07.10. Thanks to Julia Sysmäläinen for choosing Chambers :•)


05|07|2010 Talk in Munich
I’m honoured to be the supporting act (a short lecture on VIELZWECK) for Oliviero Toscani on Tuesday | 18 May 2010 | 7.30pm | Pinakothek der Moderne, Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium
An event in co-operation with Die Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich.
Thanks to the tgm (Typografische Gesellschaft München).

< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >

04|28|2010 Algiers Posters

The full description of the project >>>


04|22|2010 Algiers Posters Exhibition

My first own show of posters >>>


03|01|2010 »Before and after East met West«

There is a great three pages feature on some of my typefaces in the Berlin special of Eye Magazine (#74).



Credo for 2010: Always look twice. Nothing needs to be, what it seems.


12|20|09 This was 2009

A résumé:

Lectures and workshops in Munic, Algiers, Bielefeld, Minneapolis, Algiers (again), Warsaw, Berlin and Amman.

Four and one 3/4 books
One typeface (6 weights + features)
One poster
The usual small stuff . . .

Thanks to all of you who made this really exciting year possible.


11|02|09 After the wallfall

Preparing my lecture about »20 Jahre Mauerfall« for Algiers this week, I found a very early artistic project of mine from 1991. »From A to Z«


Lecture in Warsaw
On Saturday, October 24th, I will give a lecture at the»TYPESPOTTING. TYPOGRAPHY AND THE CITY« evening, which is part of the »Warsaw Under Construction« festival.


10|18|09 20 Jahre Mauerfall

Last month I gave a lecture at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design), I was invited to by Erik Brandt. Part of the trip to Minneapolis was a visit to Erik’s typography class, which was designing posters for the commemoration of twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Thanks a lot to Erik and his great students! I had a fantastic time with you. Find out more . . .
You can find all the posters here.
And thanks a lot to Chris Burns for twittering my whole lecture!


Michael Laube

The second book I designed last summer and which was printed last month is a very colourful and extravagant artbook for the artist Michael Laube. Have a look . . .


10|10|09 Schneiders Laden

PTL Vielzweck/Tephe is the corporate font for the new show room Schneiders Laden of famous Schneiders Büro.


Modersohn & Freiesleben

Have a look to this nice little book I was working on over the summer. It’s the first time, that PTL Vielzweck got printed. And it works great!


Vielzweck/Tephe in tm rsi stm

PTL Vielzweck/Tephe is featured in an article about signage by Christine Schranz for »Typografische Monatsblätter« 2.2009.


John Heartfield

Yesterday, the catalogue, I had designed for the John Heardfield exhibition (Berlinische Galerie, May 29. – August 31., 2009) arrived in our studio. Have a look . . .


Please wellcome PTL Vielzweck

PTL Vielzweck is the text version of the headline font PTL Tephe. It now provides three weights plus an Oblique. PTL Vielzweck will soon be released at Have a look . . .


Poster workshop in Algiers

From April 15-17, 2009 I had the opportunaty of spending a few days in the North African metropolis of Algiers. I was invited by the Goethe Institute there to give a short talk at the opening of an exhibition on the German graphic designer, type creator and first professor of advertising Lucian Bernhard. More . . .


Interview for

Last summer I gave an interview for the online magazine cafebabel. Have a look.


03|06|09 Art of Projection

Just got the printed copies. For this great project I could use an other variant of FF Chambers Sans. It works really great for a lot of content in just a few space. Find out more . . .


FF Chambers Sans for the president

The typography class of Erik Brandt at MCAD was using FF Chambers Sans for a really great typo project. The typographic content: President Barack Obama’s entire acceptance speech. Check out the working process